Hosted PBX / Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)


When choosing a phone system for your business, the toss-up between an on-premise solution or a hosted phone system can be confusing.  A hosted phone system, also known as Unified Communications as a Service or UCaaS, is a virtual phone system hosted for you by a service provider.

Introducing a UCaaS solution to your company isn’t as scary as it may sound.  It’s quick and easy to set up with no expensive installation costs.  Some of the benefits you will experience:


Lower setup costs – Because UCaaS is virtual, the initial investment is minimal and there is no need for costly hardware and installation fees.


Elimination of maintenance costs


Scalable Solution


User Friendly


Mobility and Global

UCaaS provides more efficient, faster collaboration between employees by integrating features like Click to Dial, Instant Messaging, and Web/Audio/Video conferencing.

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